18U (Midget) and 22U (Junior) HL Rules (London District Baseball Association)

Print18U (Midget) and 22U (Junior) HL Rules

2022 18U (Midget) AND 22U (Junior)  HOUSE LEAGUE PLAYING RULES



All House League Operating Rules previously outlined apply with the following exceptions and additions:


Batting Order - continuous

Diamonds - standard OBA diamond sizes (irregularities should be noted)

Metal Cleats - metal cleats are allowed

Game Balls     - home team to supply 2 new game balls for each regular season game. 


Helmets for player base coaches - all players under age 18 coaching on the bases MUST wear a helmet with ear flaps. 


EjectionsAll ejections must be reported to LDBA at ldbabaseball.ca under the online form under Umpires  within 24hrs

as per the LDBA Ejection Suspension as approved in Feb 2011


Game Attendance - Players on 18U and 22U teams must be listed on 50% of “Score Sheets” to be eligible to participate in playoffs.  Exceptions must be approved by the Division Convenor                         


Score Sheet – Game cards are not required for HL play.  However, the respective Score Sheet from each team must be signed after each game by both Head Coaches and the Umpire(s).



  • wood or wood composite bats as per OBA rule

  • Call ups – Bantam HL (must follow Bantam Pitching rules)




  • wood or wood composite bats as per OBA rule

  • Call ups – Midget HL (must follow Midget Pitching rules)


Overage Players – Junior teams are allowed a maximum of 6 overage players based on the following criteria:

  • The player cannot pitch or catch

  • The overage player(s) must be declare before the game

  • Must be a first year senior player

  • Must have played on the team the previous year