13U (Peewee) HL Rules (London District Baseball Association)

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2022 13U (Pee Wee) House League Rules

All House League Operating Rules previously outlined apply with the following exceptions and additions:

1)    Leading Off - Leading off is permitted.

2)    Passed Ball on the 3rd Strike - Batters may advance to first base on a third strike missed by the catcher. (If first base is occupied and there are less than two out the batter is out, by the official rules of baseball.)

3)    Balks - Balks will be called at the discretion of the umpire.  The umpire will issue 1 warning per team...this should be discussed at the plate during your pre-game talk.  Where a balk warning is called by the umpire, this will be a delayed dead ball situation.  If all runners advance one base, the balk will be ignored.  If a runner, who has not advanced one base from the time of the pitch, is put out on the balk warning the runner will be returned to the base they occupied at the time of the pitch. If a runner advances more than one base and is then put out the out will stand and the "1 warning per team" will be lost to that team. 

4)    Curve Balls - No deliberate Curve Balls may be thrown.

5)    Bunting - Bunting is allowed.

6)    Infield Fly Rule - The Infield Fly rule applies.

7)    PITCHING RULES – see Pitching Rules (Sec 25) in House League Operating Rules.

a)    Mosquito call-ups must follow the Mosquito Pitching Rules

8)    Pitch and Catch – Players cannot pitch and catch in the same game.
9)    Bat Restrictions – For Peewee House League play, metal bats with a length to weight difference of -10 or less are permitted and a diameter of not more than 2 ¾.  As well as all wood bats.