Diamonds (London District Baseball Association)

Admiral -- 284 Admiral Drive, London

Ailsa Craig -- 161 Queen St, Ailsa Craig

Aldridge Field -- 1221 Sandford Street, London -- part of the Stronach diamonds

Alexandra Park -- (Royals Field)
- 208 Caradoc St North, Strathroy

Aylmer Steen Park -- 315 Spruce Street East

Blackwell Sports Park
-- 6320 Blackwell Side Road, Sarnia

Bonaventure Meadows -- 150 Vaubois Place, London

Burwell Road -- 495 Burwell Road, St Thomas

Byron Complex -- 35 Optimist Park Drive, London
Camlachie Diamonds 1,2,3 -- 6767 Camlachie Road, Camlachie

Camlachie Lakeshore Diamond -- 3111 Egremont Road, Camlachie

Canton Park -- 595 Erie St, Wyoming

Cardinal Field, St Thomas
-- 51 Sauve Ave, St Thomas

Centennial Park -- 559 Niagara St, Wyoming

Centennial Sports Club Minor Baseball Complex  -- 51 Sauve Avenue, St Thomas

City Wide Sports -- 1510 Commissioners Road East

Clearwater Community Park -- 1400 Wellington St, Sarnia

CNRA -- 325 Egerton St, London

Cooper Standard Field -- 5939 Frank St, Mitchell

Coultis Park Diamond/McRae Diamond
-- 6276 Townsend Line, Forest

Currie Park
-- 194 Clark Road East, Ingersoll

Dan Pulham Park
located in Stoneybrook Recreation Fields at the eastern limit of Windermere Road; just east off Adelaide; north of Huron Street and south of Fanshawe Park Road - Hwy. 22

Delaware Lions Park -- 46-48 York St, Delaware
Take Highway #2 west from Lambeth/London into Delaware. Turn right at the Esso Gas Station (bottom of the hill in Delaware), on to York Street. Travel 2 blocks north to Young Street and turn right. The park is on your left-hand side behind the Library. Alternate…take Highway #402 west to Delaware exit. Turn left into Delaware off the ramp. Turn left at the Esso gas station on to York Street. Travel 2 blocks to Young Street and turn right. The park is on your left-hand side behind the Library.
Delaware Main 
Take Highway #2 west from Lambeth/London into Delaware. Turn right at the Esso Gas Station (bottom of the hill in Delaware), on to York Street. Pass through the four-way stop, and take your first left into the Community Center parking lot. The ball diamond is there to your right. Alternate…take Highway #402 west to Delaware exit. Turn left into Delaware off the ramp. Turn left at the 1st or 2nd left-hand turn past the bridge (either will work), and travel 2 blocks north to the park. Ballparks - Delaware

Delhi Arena Dia.

Denfield Park -- 
24015 Denfield Road

Dorchester 1, 2, 3, 4 -- 2066 Dorchester Rd, Dorchester

Doug Tarry Complex --  275 Bill Martyn Parkway, St Thomas

Emslie Field, St Thomas
 -- 95 Elm St  -- located within the Park

Errol Russell Park - Stan Slack Field -- 646 Devine Street, Sarnia

Exeter - Alvin Willert -- 94 Victoria St East

Located at Cheapside and Second Street (Sandford) on the southwest corner (opposite side of road from Stronach).

Take Highbury to Cheapside. Go east on Cheapside. Take Campus Drive to Applied Arts Lane (parking lot). Diamond is just north of the residence.

Fergie Jenkins Field at Rotary Park -- 30 Tweedsmuir Ave West, Chatham

Germain Park
-- 900 Germain St, Sarnia

Glanworth -- 6536 Bradish Road, London

Hall of Fame - St. Marys
Follow the link for directions.

Hamlyn Park (Ralph Hamlyn) -- 83 Dennis Ave, London

Harrietsville Diamond
-- 5240 Elgin Road, Harrietsville

Hazelden - 430 Hyde Park Road, London

Heritage Park, London -- 150 Bexhill Drive, London

Huron Heights, London -- 185 Mcnay Street

Ilderton Heritage Park -- 22609 Hyde Park Road, Ilderton

Ingersoll Victoria Park -- 355 Wellington St, Ingersoll

Jaycee Park -- 1830 Aldersbrook Road

Jesse Davidson -- 731 Viscount Road, London

Jorgenson -- 1308 Norman Ave, London

Kensal -- 150 Chelsea Ave, London

Kensington -- 16 Fernley Ave, London

Kerr Park -- 418 Fourth St, Petrolia

Keterson Park -- 185 Wellington St, Mitchell

Kilworth Park - Kilworth (Komoka)

Kiwanis Diamond (Tillsonburg) -- 
45 Hardy Avenue, Tillsonburg

Kiwanis Park East - Kiwanis Park Drive, London
take Commissioners Rd. which becomes County Rd. 14 to Komoka village limits; at Queen St., the second street on the right, turn right; park is at the Community Centre

Labatt Park -- 25 Wilson Ave, London

Lambeth Optimist Park -- 4200 Campbell Street North, London


Listowel Legion

Little League Park
located on the south side of Fanshawe Park Road (Hwy. 22); east of Adelaide Street, 1/4 mile west of Highbury Ave.

Lucan Community Park (Arena) -- 263 Main Street, Lucan

McMahen Park, London -- 640 Adelaide Street North

McRae Park - Forest

Mornington Park, London -- 800 Holborn Street

Mt. Brydges (Tri-Township Arena) -- 22647 Adelaide Road, Mt Brydges

Nelson Park  -- 142 Kipling Ave, London

New York Central -- 41 Jonas St, St Thomas

Nicholas Wilson -- 16 Fitzroy Place, London

North London Sports Fields, London - 1225 Adelaide St North

North Middlesex & District Arena --
225 McLeod, Parkhill

Northridge Diamonds, London -- 1400 Adelaide St North

Norwest Optimist -- 48 Hawthorne Road, London

Oakridge Optimist -- 825 Valetta St, London

Optimist Park Aylmer -- 69 Elm St, Aylmer

Outdoor Recreation Complex (Field of Dreams) - 3245 Hamilton Rd., Dorchester


Paul Haggis Park -- 2875 Bateman Trail, London

Petrolia - Kerr Park

Poplar Hill Park -- 24375 Poplar Hill Road

Rick Hansen -- 70 Ponderosa Cres, London
Rowntree -- 750 Whetter Ave, London

Sam Lamb Field Tillsonburg -- 183 Lisgar Ave, Tillsonburg

Silverwoods Park --50 Sycamore St, London 

Southcrest -- 10 Hazelwood Ave, London

Southeast Optimist -- 237 Deveron Cres, London

Southwest Optimists Park -- 682 Southdale Road West, London

St Julien Park -- 15 Tommy Hunter Way, London

St. Thomas Aquinas
Located at the high school on the west side of Sanitorium Rd; take Oxford St almost to its western limits; turn left (south)

Stoneybrook -- 815 Windermere Road

Strathroy Alexandra -- Royals Field -- 208 Caradoc Street North

Strathroy York Street -- 230 York Street

Stronach Main, 1, 2, and 3 and Aldridge Field -- 1221 Sandford Street

Tecumseh Park -- 334 Russell St South, Sarnia

Thamesford North Park
Go east on Dundas Street to Thamesford

Thistledown -- 996 Thistledown Way

Thorndale Baseball Diamonds - 265 Upper Queen Street, Thorndale

Tip O'Neill Field - Woodstock

Vauxhall --
54 Price St, London

West Lions -- 20 Granville St, London

Westmount Lions - 784 Viscount Road, London

Whisperwood -- 211 Whisperwood Avenue, London

White Oaks -- 1119 Jalna Boulevard, London

White Oaks Optimist -- 560 Bradley Ave, London

Wilfred Jury P.S.
Wonderland Rd to Lawson Rd, turn west on Lawson Rd and follow to Wilfred Jury Public School on your left at the first stop sign

Wilton Grove
take Southdale Road east of Wellington Street; turn right (south) on Adelaide Street; turn left (east) on Osgood Drive; follow Osgoode Drive to Wilton Grove School; diamond is behind the school

Woodstock - Southside

Wyoming - Canton Park
On Hwy 21 (Broadway St), turn west on Ontario St. Park is on the right side of the street

Wyoming - Centennial Park
On Hwy 21 (Broadway St) turn west on Thames St - park is on left side of street

York Street - 230 York Street, Strathroy