11U (Mosquito) HL Rules (London District Baseball Association)

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2022 Mosquito House League Rules


All House League Operating Rules previously outlined apply with the following exceptions and additions:


  1. LEADING OFF - There will be no leading off until the ball has left the hand of the pitcher. If a runner leads off they will be called out.

  2. PASSED BALL ON THIRD STRIKE - The batter may not run on a third strike missed by the catcher. The ball is live and any runner may advance at their own risk.

  3. A BALL THAT IS PITCHED OR THROWN OUT OF PLAY….where a ball is pitched or thrown out of play, and for the purpose of base awards, the Official Rules of Baseball (ORB) will apply…except in the case of a play where Rule #4 (below) applies and then Rule #4 takes precedence over the ORB  (Clarification on Rule #4 precedence.…R2 is stealing 3rd and the Catcher, in an attempt to get R2 at 3rd,  throws the ball out of play.  Rule #4 takes precedence so there is no additional base award on the ball thrown out of play. R2 remains at 3rd).

  4. STEALING - Stealing bases are allowed. A runner may only advance one base at a time. Runners will not be allowed to steal home plate. (eg. R1 steals second and the catcher attempts to throw to 2nd to retire R1 but throws the ball into centrefield – R1 stays at 2nd and cannot steal 3rd until the next pitch)

  5. STEALING HOME - The only way to advance home is on a base award (eg ball pitched or thrown out of play), when forced (eg bases loaded and the Batter is walked) or by being batted in.   Any runner that steals home plate will be sent back to third base.  If the team continues to steal home plate they can be ruled out.  To further clarify....where the catcher makes a play on R3 after a pitch and the ball is not hit, R3’s only option is to return to 3rd

  6. NO BALKS will be called.

  7. NO DELIBERATE CURVE BALLS may be thrown.

  8. NO BUNTING is allowed.

  9. INFIELD FLY RULE applies.

  10. PITCHING RULES – see Pitching Rules (Sec 25) in House League Operating Rules.  

    1. Rookie Call-ups cannot pitch

  11. PITCH AND CATCH – Players cannot pitch or catch in the same game.

  12. SCORING LIMIT - No more than 7 runs can be scored in a single inning

  13. All calls by the umpire crew will be final. Any discrepancies should wait until the end of the inning and off the playing area. Any complaints about umpires need to be brought to the convener.

  14. in Mosquito HL play, on a batted ball, where an infielder or an outfielder throws a ball to an infielder in an attempt to retire a specific baserunner, and the ball is not caught (“not caught” is defined as  a ball thrown to an infielder that touches the ground before it gets to that infielder or that is not held firmly by the infielder), the batter runner and all other runners may only advance one base (at their own peril) from the time of the throw. Runners attempting to advance more than 1 base do so at their own peril and, should this rule apply and if they are ruled safe, will be asked to return to the appropriate previous base.  if they are ruled out..the out will stand.