Registration Policy/Boundaries (London District Baseball Association)

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1.  The LDBA supports all local associations and strives to provide a fair and equitable process for which local associations collectively work under the same principle of developing and growing the sport of baseball in the London District Baseball Association. To that end, our registration policy exists in an attempt to assist local associations in fielding competitive baseball teams from year to year. As such, the LDBA believes timely registration of players within their local associations will help this process of determining what teams will be formed by local associations and ultimately assist in providing baseball for players within their local associations or if the need be, elsewhere within the LDBA. 

2.  Therefore, LDBA players must register with their local association prior to the published (emailed, website post) local association tryouts.  For clarity, a player must register with their local association in order to attend tryouts for their team. Players who fail to register before local tryouts will not be allowed to tryout or play for another local association that year. 

3.  Players who attend the London Badger tryouts do not have to register with their local association until the London Badger tryouts are complete, but must register immediately after those tryouts are complete if they wish to tryout for their local home association's team.  

4.  It is suggested that players moving to a residence in a local association from another area after the local association has chosen that year's team should be given a couple informal tryouts to see if they could make the team.   Local associations may have their own policy in regards to this.

Boundaries -- 

Enter your postal code in the map below to see which boundary you live in.  For competitive baseball, Eager Beaver, Southwest and South have formed the London Talons and Byron and Oakridge have formed the London West Tincaps.   Players in EBBA, Southwest and South must tryout for the London Talons before Select teams can be formed, and players from Byron and Oakridge must tryout for London West before Select teams can be formed.   

To see which boundary you live in, click here for Larger Map, and click the search box and enter your postal code or address.