2016 Rule Changes including Lightening Rule (London District Baseball Association)

Print2016 Rule Changes including Lightening Rule

2016 Rep Division Rule Changes

The following rule changes are in effect for the 2016 season of the Baseball Ontario Rep Division

Courtesy Runner

At all levels of play, courtesy runners for the catcher or any other players are prohibited. Pinch runners may be substituted in accordance with the Official Rules of Baseball and are subject to the Re-Entry Rule.

Electronic Devices

The use and possession of electronic devices on the playing field is now prohibited by all participants. This includes the following devices:

 Mobile phones


 Pagers

 Tablets

 Laptops

 Smart watches & Fitbits


Players, coaches, and managers will be instructed by the umpire to immediately remove them from the field of play. Failure to do so will result in ejection. Umpires who use electronic devices on the field during the game are subject to suspension and potential loss of accreditation. Exception: Dedicated watches, stopwatches and electronic pitch counters/indicators are permitted.

Important Note: It is critical for the safety of all participants that everyone is focused on the field of play while the game is in progress. The use of electronic devices during a game is distracting and dangerous. Even between innings, it is still unsafe to lose focus and become distracted. The intent of this rule is to keep everyone safe.

Lightning Safety Rule When thunder roars, go indoors! As soon as thunder is heard, the potential to be struck by lightning is present. Baseball Ontario mandates that at first sound of thunder, play is to be suspended and all participants are to seek shelter until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder.

Bat Rule - Minor Bantam and above

Only wood bats, bamboo bats and wood composite bats are allowed. Bats with any metallic component are not permitted.


Rookie Ball Coaches

The coach operating the pitching machine in Rookie and Minor Rookie must wear a baseball helmet, the rule allows a coach to wear a skull cap (no ear-flaps).


 On first offense the offending coaching staff will receive a warning.

 On second offense or refusal to wear the helmet, the offending coach will be ejected.

Note: The team only receives one warning, if the first coach is warned and a second coach then attempts to operate the machine without a helmet, the umpire should eject the second coach without warning. Umpires should exercise caution when enforcing this rule and understand the difference between refusing to obey the rule and honestly forgetting the helmet.

Visible Jewelry

Players are not permitted to wear any visible jewelry. Exception: Phiten (and similar) necklaces, Livestrong and other rubber bracelets, friendship bracelets are no longer considered jewelry. Medic Alert identification and sunglasses are not considered jewelry.


 On first offense by any player, the entire team will be given one warning and instructed to remove all jewelry.

 On a second offense by any player on that same team, the player AND the head coach will be ejected from the game.

Progressive Discipline (Bench Restriction)

 Umpires may restrict coaches to the bench for the remainder of the game for minor violations. See Progressive Discipline document for full details.

Double Play Sliding

Rule 6.01(j) has been adopted by Baseball Ontario for the 2016 baseball season. Runners must engage in a bona fide slide when attempting to break up a double play. Runners not engaging in a bona fide slide and making contact with a fielder will be out for interference. For the purposes of this rule, the runner must:

 Begin sliding (makes contact with the ground) before the reaching the base;

 Be able and attempt to touch the base with hand or foot;

 Be able and attempt to remain on the base (except home plate) after completion of the slide; and

 Slides within reach of the base without changing paths for the purpose of initiating contact with a fielder.

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